Genre: Mystery/Romance

Language: English

Paperback: 73 Pages

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Date Published: Septmber, 2015

ISBN: 9781784556969

Abigail has a middle-class upbringing, Beatrice has to grow up fast as life is tough, Cecelia is part of the privileged elite.

All have different backgrounds, but what do they have in common? .

Forced by her perverted stepfather to leave home at a young age, Delphine meets Eustace, a man of shady character, who becomes her employer and father figure.

Whilst working on an undercover investigation Frank encounters Delphine, who becomes the love of his life. She moves in with him and quickly falls pregnant.

As a first-time father, working away, Frank calls every night to reassure himself, and initially everything is fine. It is only when he returns home that the nightmare begins.

He is told Delphine has had a stillborn and wants no further contact with him.

Meanwhile, Delphine is left alone to mourn her loss and start to rebuild her life.

Destiny has entwined the lives of the characters, but will they discover the secret that binds them together?