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The Dragons Of Drakonfell


Scarlet and Ashley had been told not to leave the castle. They stood in the doorway watching something flying overhead. It wasn't all that large as dragons go. "Not exactly a hatchling," Scarlet said. "More of a fledgling I think."

Ashley was younger but more daring of the two. "I want to ride it," she said.

"Well, you can't," declared Scarlet "We're supposed to stay in our room."

"We were supposed to eat our lunch too but I saw you scraping yours into the dog's pail. I won't tell if you won't?"

"Get back here," her sister called. "That's not a domestic dragon!"

"How do you know?"

"Because it was born in the wild. See? There's no broken chain around its neck. Come back here," she yelled.

"NO! I'm busy," Ashley retorted, just as the dragon swooped from the sky. It landed rather clumsily at her feet.

"Are you a friendly dragon?" She asked.

"Mostly. Are you a friendly human?"

"Very. My name's Ashley, what's yours?"

"I am called, Gregor...after Gregor The Great." Ashley glanced over her shoulder but Scarlet was no longer in the doorway. "What was so great about Gregor The Great?" She asked.

"Everything! He led my ancestors to Drakonfell Forest back in the days of Cudbath The Conqueror. Cudbath slew his two brothers, Cisco and Stanyan...and their sister, Esmerelda.

"Our tutor has read the stories to us...all about Cudbath and his Castle. It's only ruins today. It's gone."

"Gone...but not forgotten."

"Hey, Gregor! Think you could give me a ride?"

"If you promise not to tell anyone? Contact with humans is strictly disallowed."

"Why?" She asked, watching Gregor lower himself to his knees.

"Because they're dangerous."

"I'm not dangerous! And it'll be our secret, I promise. I won't tell anybody."

"Not even that girl I saw in the doorway earlier?"

"No. But she couldn't tell even if I did."

"Why not?"

"Because I know all her secrets too. She fed her vegetables to the dogs at lunch today."

"That's too bad! Wish I'd been there...they sound delicious. "

"I thought Dragon's only ate meat?"

"That was in the old days. We're vegan now. It has been written. It's safer to have no contact with humans."

"But why?"

"Because they cannot be trusted. They slew many of my descendents, Ashley."

"I'm sorry. You can trust me, Gregor. I would never hurt you. I'll write it down if you like?"

"That's all right. You have an honest face."

"Thank you," she said. "Gregor, what's Drackonfell Forest like?"

"Beautiful. Like no other forest in the world...full of Silk Floss and Metuselah Trees and Olive Trees of Vouves."

"Oh, it sounds so pretty! Will you take me?"

"We'll have to fly over quickly...just so you can see it."

They got off to a bumpy start. Gregor had never flown with a passenger. He sputtered and almost stalled but once they gained altitude, was fine. Ashley looked down, seeing the forest just as beautiful as had been described. She saw brightly colored trees with flowers and fruit and wanted to see it closer. "To do that we would have to land," Gregor told her.

"I know. Can we?"

"I guess. We've been spotted," he said, looking around at the other dragons filling the sky. So many, they had to circle in order to land.

"Are you going to be in trouble for bringing me here?"

"I don't know. I guess we'll find out."

On the way down, they swooped past an elder who spat fire and gave a look of pure disdain. "That's Ursula The Awful."

"She's looks very scary," Ashley commented.

The landing went no smoother than the take-off...Gregor nearly colliding into a wall of elders who were making their way over to them. "Sorry Mother. You know landings aren't my specialty."

"That is hardly my concern at the moment," his mother spat, while four others shook their heads in silent outrage. "Who is this human you've brought?" The largest, meanest looking of them all asked, soon joined by Ursula The Awful.

"This is Ashley."

"Ashley who?" The ancient dragon, Heroncules, insisted.

"Ashley of Arlington Castle," the girl spoke.

"Heroncules attempted a smile, far more reminiscent of a snarl. "Is that so? Interesting indeed!" He cleared his throat and a chunk of ash fell to the ground. "It is written in the Gregor Family Tablet," he began, continuing to stare at the two of them. "One day a young daughter from Castle Arlington will become Daughter of Dragons of Drakonfell. These sacred words were written a thousand years ago by our leader, Gregor The Great. And now, thanks to one of his descendents, young Gregor here...his prophecy will be fulfilled."

A large group of dragons gathered around them. Gregor lowered himself to his knees so Ashley could dismount. She ran up and hugged him around the neck "You're my best friend and I'll love you forever!"

"You're my best friend too and now you're my Queen."

Heroncules pushed his way through the crowd. "Welcome to Drakonfell, Ashley of Arlington. You are now Daughter of Dragons and will be honored in the name of our beloved leader, Gregor The Great." He looked out over the rest of the dragons, who were confused but ready to welcome the human into their forest. It had been written and thus was so. The Daughter of Dragons had found her way to Drakonfell Forest, where she would be forever worshipped as a queen.



C. M. Turner

"Lives in Las Vegas and is the author of "Where The Ironweed Blooms"."




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